Hair Styles for Best Agers

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Mature woman dancing

Older women should style their hair to their best advantage and realize the needs of hair change with age.

As women age their hair needs more tender loving care. Now is the time to pamper hair with the best and smartest of ingredients. Around the middle of our lives, hair starts to need more care. Therefore, doing some ground work is in order before the styling can begin. The keywords are ‘care and more care’.

Hair Styles and Hair Care for Mature People

With age the hormone metabolism changes and with it the cells are slower to turn over and grow. The hair gets thinner and dries out much easier. Growth-stimulating active ingredients in conditioning rinses and hair treatments stall this process in a natural way.

Hair Styles for Mature People: Spoilt for Color Choices

Most of us discover the first gray hairs around our 30th birthdays. Heredity determines whether and when hair turns gray. The
genes inside our cells program the timing of the different aging processes and also how fast the pigments disappear from our hair. It is your choice what you want to do about it, live with gray hair or use different methods to color it. Whatever you decide, hair needs more and different care as we age.

Hair turns white because the natural pigments are no longer there. With the pigments most of the UV protection disappears. You should therefore use hair care products, which provide UV protection. Gray hair also looks better after a gentle rinse to enhance the luster and bring out the hair’s natural shading. Dull hair without luster never looks attractive. This particularly applies to gray hair because lifeless gray hair causes the complexion to appear pale or worse, yellowish.

Coloring your gray hair is an option. Smart color choices are very important for mature people. In general, soft colors close to your natural hair color work best. The hair color should also suit your now also lighter complexion. Most brunettes for example look good coloring their hair chocolate brown. Grading the color and carefully setting highlights avoids the dreaded ‘fake’ look.

Now that your hair received all the necessary care and the color
is just right you need to decide on the best suited style. As a general rule, a perfect haircut is a necessity for mature women. You should therefore trim your hair at least once every eight weeks. Ideally, the hair of best agers should be trimmed to chin- or shoulder-length. A softly layered classic bob works very well for thinning hair and also softens the facial lines. You may also style shoulder-length hair into festive updos.  Fringes (bangs) are also very flattering especially when they are styled asymmetrically. Fringes can also hide forehead wrinkles.

You may prefer long hair. In this case you should make sure to create enough volume. This is best done by blow-drying the hair while hanging the head upside down. Then style your hair as usual. Using high-quality styling products becomes more important as we age. First rate hair powder or hair spray with keratin provides hold. Short hair styles are thought to give older people a more youthful look. However, the lines should stay soft at an advanced age.