Half-Up Hair Tutorial

Half-Up Hair Tutorial – FINALLY! The secret is out! Don’t worry,
you’re not the only one who is obsessed with Shelby’s half up
lovely look. Here is our main babe’s style secrets to the
OH-SO-LOVED updo! In her own words she explains,
“it’s actually really simple, I do next to nothing to get this
effortless go-to ‘do that never goes unnoticed.”

These are the very few steps on how to complete your next
going out (or staying in) style.

After the usual wash, dry, and healthy hair prep, take a heated
1¾” hair wand to your locks. Shelby splits her curls in three
to four layers beginning at the bottom and working her way up
to the crown. Spray your preferred dry shampoo and hair spray
on each finished layer for a secure hold and texture effect.

After all your locks have been waved, grab a small clear or hair
matching elastic band. Take the small elastic and tie up only the
upper half of your hair. Pull the mini ponytail a bit tighter to
give the pony volume. At this time, easily pull forward on your
pulled back hair so it also has a textured and voluminous look
from the front. Shelby pulls down some the hair that frames
her face for more of that effortless look as well.

You’re almost there!

Finally, spray a finishing spray or hairspray to hold the pony
and it’s volume in its place.

**Most importantly, don’t forget to own it!

Xox babes